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Maximum flexibility and efficiency –
Our CNC milling centres and their designs

Our range comprises a large number of different CNC milling machines and CNC machining centres whose modular design provides lots of possible options. This means that every CNC machining centre can be adapted individually to suit the size of workpiece and material requirement of our customers – from a closed working area with a roof through to extraction or the integration of a partition for tandem operation: No limits are placed on the design of your individual CNC machining centre.

As well as our modular standards, we also specialise in customised machine construction. We work with you to develop your CNC machining centre specifically for your product. From planning and designing the CNC machine, manufacturing the individual components, programming the CAD software to painting it in the colours you want, and installing and commissioning it on site – with HG GRIMME SysTech you will have an experienced partner to support you at all times in creating your individual CNC milling machine.

Bauweise CNC Bearbeitungszentren Linienzeichnung der Rundtischbauweise

For small to
medium-sized workpieces:
The rotary table design

The compact design of this machining centre means that workpieces can be machined very quickly and with accurate contours. The rotary table design is suitable for smaller to medium-sized milling attachments and shaped parts. The machine table of the system can withstand a load of up to 200 kg.

The CNC rotary table machining centre is a compact system. It consists of the actual milling machine with the machining axes and the machine cabin. It can be equipped with a roof and given optimum protection from milling dust with a dust protection package. Compared to other systems, the CNC rotary table milling machine can quickly be moved to a new operating site. The CNC milling machine can swiftly be set up in its new location, keeping the machine downtime to an absolute minimum.

Zwei CNC 5 Achs Rundtisch Fräsmaschinen Typ RT-F 1400. Eine CNC Maschine mit geöffneter Tür und Sicht auf Spindel für Composite

RT-F 1400

Rotary table machining centre

Effiziente CNC-Rundtisch Fräsanlage mit zwei Frässpindeln und vier Rundtischen, Maschinentyp RTF-Duo, HG GRIMME SysTech


Rotary table machining centre

Bauweise CNC Bearbeitungszentren Linienzeichnung der Gantry Bauweise

With permanently
integrated machine table:
The gantry design

With the gantry design, the three linear movement axes are assigned to the machine portal. If the machine has fixed stands with a moveable crossbeam overhead, one refers to a bridge gantry design. In comparison to the portal design, this is the cheaper design because the table is permanently integrated and does not require a drive. It is possible to operate in tandem here with a permanently integrated table, similar to a two-table portal machine, by dividing up the working space with a partition.

The fitting takes place within the machining space of the machine. The permanent table means the amount of space required is fundamentally smaller than with a portal machine. However, this does not mean that we are restricted in terms of component size. Our CNC bridge gantry milling machines can, for example, have table sizes with a length of 8 m and a permanently installed table. If you want to equip components outside of the cabin, a shuttle table is always another option.



Gantry milling machine

CNC Maschine - Fräsmaschine in Gantry Bauweise - Tore geöffnet Blick auf die Frässpindel, die Spannvorrichtung und den Werkzeugwechsler HG GRIMME SysTech

G-S-F/B und G-T-F/B

Gantry milling machine

5-Achs CNC Fräsmaschine für große Bauteile mit Shutteltisch für den Tandembetrieb

G-S-F/S und G-T-F/S

Gantry milling machine

5-Achs CNC-Fräsmaschine für sehr große Werkstücke Brückenganty CNC Maschine für Kunststoffe und Modellbau


Gantry model making milling machine

Aluminium fräsen mit CNC Fräse für Aluminium mit CNC Alu Fräsmaschine für die Intustrie von HG GRIMME SysTech


Gantry model making milling machine compact

CNC 5 Achs Fräsmaschine UNIVERSAL mit Rolltor für Kunststoffe Verbundstoffe Modellbauwerkstoffe Aluminium HG GRIMME SysTech


Gantry milling machine universal

Bauweise CNC Bearbeitungszentren Linienzeichnung der Portal Bauweise

For large workpieces
and impressive results:
The portal design

A portal machine is suitable for large workpieces and for producing the most impressive work results at the same time. Portal systems can be equipped as a single or twin-table machine. With this design of machine, the workpiece table is flat and the machine has a high level of stiffness. The table(s) move along the longitudinal axis and by contrast the workpiece moves along the rest of the axes. In general, the portal design offers a high level of static and dynamic stiffness due to the great mass.

CNC machining centres with a portal design can also be equipped with a heavy Z-axis spindle combination which can then work with incredible precision owing to the overall concept and the mass. The main spindle is mounted on a portal carrier which is supported on both sides. The assignment of shaped parts to the machine tables can be done from outside the working space.

5-Achs CNC Fräsmaschine Tandem in Portalbauweise mit zwei Arbeitstischen für den Pendelbetrieb HG GRIMME SysTech

P-S-F und P-T-F

Portal milling machine

5-Achs CNC Fräsmaschine in Portalbauweise für Modellbauwerkstoffe und Aluminium mit Gabelkopf für Fräs-Präzession

P-S-F/M und P-T-F/M

Portal model making milling machine

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Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!