Service, repair, maintenance - Directly there for you

"HG GRIMME SERVICE GmbH & Co.KG", our in-house customer service, supports users worldwide and ensures rapid assistance when needed. We are organised with several national and international service centres and thus demonstrate customer proximity on the global market.

Telephone service, hotline
From the main factory, we can maintain and support your complete system - mechanics, electrics, SPS and CNC controller - with a competent 20 employee service team. Experienced technicians will answer your questions about technology, programming, tools or malfunctions. You can always rely on a professional contact person who will give you friendly advice and support.

Service number: +49 82 41 96 08 20

If repair or maintenance is required, we will send our regional customer service or our partner at the service point on site.

Spare parts service
We can offer you a secured and fast spare parts supply, also for older machine models. Standard spare parts are immediately available in the HG warehouse, many of which can also be provided by our service points in your region. If a fault has been diagnosed by you or by us via remote maintenance, which you can rectify yourself, we will also be happy to send you the spare part.

Maintenance contracts
Regular maintenance ensures a smooth day-to-day production and preserves the value of your machine. It protects against wear, damage and unproductive downtimes. For users who use their machine in 2 or 3 shifts, a maintenance contract is particularly recommendable.

Service locations worldwide

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