Car bumper

Industry: Automotive | Material: PP-EPDM Plastics | Machine  G-S-F


  • Space-saving milling model - large working area in a confined space
  • Top shielded portal with drive technology - protection against chips and dust
  • Tandem machining for the reduction of unproductive set-up times
  • Large components can be machined alternately on the left and right without standstill

Bumper processing

Characteristics of PP-EPDM plastic grades
They combine the product properties of thermoplastic elastomers (polypropylene), namely good deformability under heat, with the good material properties of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which is also inexpensive to procure. In the automotive industry, PP-EPDM plastic granulate is used for bumpers.

G-S-F with 2 tables = tandem version

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