Composite materials CFRP / GFRP

The machining of lightweight materials such as fibre composites is extremely different from plastics or metal processing in terms of the requirements profile for the milling machines. The fibre-reinforced plastics - so-called composites of fibres and resins - generate enormous dust during the milling process, for example. Our machines take the different conditions into account.

Why our machines...

Our development department has focused on the issue of fine dust during the design process. On the one hand, because suspended dust can cause short circuits under certain circumstances, on the other hand, the machine operators should be protected as best as possible from inhaling chips and dust that are harmful to health. Depending on the requirements, several and different extraction options can be planned for our machine projects. Ultimately, it is the output - the workpiece - that counts, whereby precision in machining and short machining times are decisive in addition to surface quality.

Example solutions

Motorcycle tank

Space-saving | Noise and dust protected solitary machine | Plug & Play machine

Bus roof - ALU/PUAL

Sandwich component consisting of thin aluminium plates with polyurethane filling and aluminium profiles

Suitable machines

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