Car roof boxes | Special construction

Industry: Automotive; leisure | Material: CFK | Machine G-S-F



  • Halving of the milling times through 2 shuttle tables
  • Flexible clamping device for short set-up times
  • Existing milling fixture can still be used

Gantry system (G-S-F) with two freely programmable milling spindles (Z-axes).
Two shuttle tables are used to minimize the placement time.

On table 1 the lids of the roof boxes are milled, on table 2 the bottoms of the roof boxes. In order to reduce the milling time even further, several drilling units were integrated in table 2. These drilling units mill slotted holes simultaneously with the two milling spindles.
The milling times could be minimized even more than originally planned due to the simultaneous machining of the roof boxes with two milling spindles AND the drilling units in the table. Another positive side effect was that the high rigidity of the system significantly improved the quality of the milled surface compared to the previous processing machines.

Machining roof boxes


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Milling machine in gantry design
4 milling heads are simultaneously in machining with shuttle table
mit Shuttle-Tisch

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