Rotary table system RT-F 1400

The rotary table system RT-F 1400 stands for a perfect milling result with a high parts output. The C-axle drive is mainly responsible for this. The machining centre in rotary table technology is ideally suited for the highly rational, precise milling of smaller workpieces such as decorative trims, covers, bicycle helmets, etc.

Verfahrweg / Würfelmaß

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Highly dynamic, handy and innovative, the RT-F 1400 rotary table system is the perfect companion for milling small workpieces.

  • The durable, low-maintenance machine system reduces manufacturing costs and quickly achieves a return on investment (ROI)
    The compact design allows the placement of several units due to the minimized space requirements
  • Only 1 to 1.5 days commissioning time and a quick refitting of the machine ensure a flexible production
  • The extremely high parts output leads to a profit-increasing manufacturing process
  • The automatic, chip-protected tool change system ensures a safe working process

Applicable for

Composites CFRP/GFRP
Light aluminium machining

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Tool measurement

for tool length correction and tool breakage monitoring

Spindle for tool changer

2.5 kW - 40,000 rpm
8 kW - 36,000 U/min

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Example solutions

Motorcycle tank

Space-saving | Noise and dust protected solitary machine | Plug & Play machine

Helmets Leisure

Material: PE | Doubling of parts output | Compact, space-saving machine

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