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The water-jet machine with a
shuttle table and high precision

HG 5-axis gantry single water-jet cutting machine G-S-W

The 5-axis CNC water-jet cutting machine is suitable for very soft materials which cannot be processed by milling. Examples include fabrics, carpets and foams. Using this cold cutting process, a high-energy jet of pure water can cut out even complex geometries exactly.

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Flexible gantry design with single table installation or operating in tandem mode

The CNC machining centre has a very rigid basic steel structure with a gantry design that is highly suited to the water-jet process. In its basic concept, the CNC machine is equipped with a single table installation. It is also possible for the working space to be split into two cutting zones with one table in each operating in tandem. While cutting alternates between the left or right half of the CNC machine, simultaneously the other section that is not being used can be filled with new components. This reduces the amount of unproductive time and personnel costs and at the same time increases productivity.

Pure water cutting – cutting process that delivers the perfect cut

The CNC machining centre has a cutting head with a pneumatic nozzle valve that operates with pure water at pressures of up to 3,800 bar. This ensures that the cutting is particularly precise and swift. The CNC machine can also be equipped with a triple water-jet cutting head which has an integrated 2D milling head.

Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!