Plastics such as polyurethanes, foams, ABS materials, ABS thermoforming materials are usually machined at high speeds and high feed rates to achieve perfect cutting edges or surface quality.

Why our machines...

Regardless of whether small or very large workpieces are being machined, HG machines are designed for highly rational, precise milling of a wide variety of plastic types. Reworking of the workpieces is not necessary, as the machine is adapted and adjusted to exactly this material requirement. The focus is on perfect interaction between all machine components with the aim of achieving outstanding surface quality and the shortest possible milling cycle time.

Example solutions

Motorcycle tank

Space-saving | Noise and dust protected solitary machine | Plug & Play machine

Helmets Leisure

Material: PE | Doubling of parts output | Compact, space-saving machine

Car roof boxes

Space-saving machine | Fast CFRP machining | Maximum precision and quality requirements

Suitable machines

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