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Our technical customer service for any issues relating to your HG GRIMME SysTech CNC machining centre

We want you to feel that you are always well looked after when you invest in a CNC machining centre. This is true whether you choose a CNC blade cutting machine, CNC milling centre or CNC water-jet machine. We at HG GRIMME SysTech make sure we provide optimum, hassle-free support even after you have made a purchase.

Our in-house customer service team based at our main factory comprises 15 experts who have a wealth of expertise and will quickly find a solution for any issue you may have. Our internal technicians, industrial mechanics and NC, PLC programmers receive regular training and are real specialists in the CNC machining centres from HG GRIMME SysTech.

We have several national and international service centres around the world and this means we always have a close link to our customers in the global market. Wherever your machining centre is deployed – we can help you quickly and directly!

Technischer Service per Telefon E-Mail weltweit für unsere Kunden von HG GRIMME SysTech

With our customer service you do not have to wait in a queue – we support you instantly with real points of contact!

You can just phone our customer service hotline without the hassle of raising a query over the phone. With us you do not have to wait to speak to a “real” contact person; we are there for you whenever you need us.

Monday – Thursday, 7.30am to 5.00pm

Friday, 7.30am to 4.00pm

Service number: +49 82 41 96 08 20

We first utilise all the remote diagnostic options to analyse what is wrong with your machining centre. This saves you time and costs because your CNC machine will generally be back up and running in a very short space of time.

Remote diagnostics to identify faults

Service number: +49 82 41 96 08 20

And what if remote diagnostics is not enough? Then we come to you!

If remote diagnostics is not able to fix your CNC machining centre, we will arrange an appointment with you to visit your site for a repair. Our service engineers will be equipped with the right replacement parts and all the information they need about your CNC machining centre so they can get straight to work on the repair. Only replacement parts that are needed for the current problem are swapped. In most cases, the repair will be scheduled for the next working day while the HG standard replacement parts that may be required are generally sent out the same working day so that our service engineer and the replacement parts that are needed will both arrive at your location at the same time. In some cases, for larger replacement parts, you report to us that they have arrived first so that our service engineer can then travel to your site and fit the replacement part.

Our specialists will start trying to identify the fault on site or will already know what the problem is from the remote diagnostics they have performed. You can also send us a fault number or analysed data first to speed up the CNC repair of your machining centre.

Your complete support: From regular maintenance to relocation of your CNC machining centre.

“I am particularly proud of our quick response times on our service calls. We do not charge our customers any express surcharges for our service engineers. We always get to site as quickly as possible. 

We can often help out for free on our hotline or perform the initial analysis of the fault so that our service engineers are perfectly prepared to repair your CNC machine as quickly as possible. There is no need to waste time waiting around for deliveries of replacement parts. We have experienced employees with many years of service who are also familiar with older CNC machining centres. 

We try to maintain close links with our customers so that we can guarantee optimum availability of their CNC machining centres. We can respond quickly because we have a supply of replacement parts in stock, including for older CNC machines.”

Enrico Tomczyk, Head of Service

Sondermaschinenbau und CNC Maschinen, CNC Fräsmaschinen und CNC Bearbeitungszentren aus Deutschland - HG GRIMME SysTech

Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!