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CNC machining centres in the leisure industry

CNC milling machines from HG GRIMME SysTech are also employed in the leisure industry – where they are used to machine lots of different materials. The basic requirements for our machine systems comprise precise milling with an excellent quality of surface finish for different materials and variable workpiece sizes. For your own specific CNC machining centre, we offer you extensive equipment options and designs that are geared precisely to suit your specifications and the material you want and are configured for you by one of our experts.

Dachbox für Freizeitindustrie nachbearbeiten mit exzellenter Oberflächenqualität durch CNC Fräsmaschine
Fahrradhelm mit kleiner CNC Fräsmaschine effizient fräsen

CNC milling machines from HG GRIMME SysTech in the leisure industry – Application examples

From bicycle helmets and roof boxes, caravan cladding through to rotated parts such as motorcycle tanks – our CNC machines can machine different workpieces and materials with ease. The different systems used in our CNC machining centres are also suitable for small premises and can be integrated neatly in a confined space. But we do of course also design CNC milling machines for very large dimensions and oversized workpieces! Every CNC machining centre also allows the material to be changed and different sizes of workpiece to be processed – so you can use your CNC machine to operate with maximum flexibility and efficiency.


“The milling times were reduced, by quite a lot actually. The ingenious flexible clamping fixture and the shuttle table system have shortened the set-up times and minimised the feed time. The surface finish is perfect. 

Our customer is happy – this is our top priority and makes us proud too. These superb results are achieved through working in partnership, expertise and great attention to detail.”

Philipp Grimme, Sales Director

Product: Caravan cladding

Machine: CNC portal tandem milling machine P-T-F

Material: ABS, ABS with PMMA

Our CNC portal tandem milling machine P-T-F can be ergonomically set up and fitted with very large components by two operators. The aluminium machine tables are easily accessible from three sides, can be linked together and thus make it possible to mill a very large workpiece – such as a caravan cladding panel. Time-consuming set-up is not required because the fixtures are secured with alignment pins and the workpiece is fixed by vacuum. In addition, there are no vacuum hoses taking up space on the table because the vacuum feed line is integrated there directly.

The CNC machining centre can process components measuring 3,000 x 3,800 x 800 mm and with its vertical-lift gates it is also designed as a corner solution to save the maximum amount of space. The CNC machine can also be designed to be bigger to mill larger components. Efficient tandem operation also means two components can be manufactured in parallel – whether they are two identical or different components. The casing of the machine is torsion-free and low-vibration, which means there is no need for additional compensation on the linear axes. The integrated Brankamp safety system also identifies unsafe vibrations at an early stage and stops the CNC machine automatically.

Product: Roof box machining

Machine: CNC gantry single milling machine G-S-F 2Z with shuttle table

Material: CFRP

One example of the use of our CNC gantry single milling machine G-S-F is for milling roof boxes. When it was developed, it was important to design a machining centre that has very rapid cycle times and still produces components that do not require any finishing on the milled edges. To do this, the basic version of the CNC milling centre was adapted by our engineers to suit our customer’s requirements. The results speak for themselves!

While the lid of the roof box is milled on the first table, the bottom of the roof box can already be machined on the second table.

The table also has multiple drilling units to significantly reduce the machining time. The drilling units create slotted holes and work alongside the two double-shaft milling spindles. The high-frequency spindles have two tools and can instantly access another tool by simply rotating.

In this version with two milling spindles and drilling units, the cycle times were significantly reduced by milling the roof boxes simultaneously. What is more, the machine has other positive benefits: Its high rigidity means that the quality of the milled surface is enhanced significantly compared to the customer’s previous milling machines. In advance of the development, we considered the existing milling cutter holders which can continue to be used. The CNC gantry single milling machine is also equipped with two freely programmable milling spindles on the Z axes.

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Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!