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Development of tailored CNC special-purpose machines

In our custom machine building division, we develop CNC machines in close collaboration with our clients. These CNC machines from HG GRIMME SysTech GmbH are tailored solutions that are not available as standard products or modular CNC machining centers. They often have significantly more axes than our modular 5-axis milling machines.

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Manufacturer of CNC machines and specialist in CNC special-purpose machine construction from Germany


Distinction and specialization of CNC milling machines in custom machine building

A CNC milling machine in custom machine building, as well as modular CNC machines, can process workpieces on five or more axes simultaneously. The difference is that in several industries, in addition to relatively normal shapes, extremely complex or precise components are required. This is often the case in the aerospace, automotive, or leisure industries. The CNC machines are then specially configured or developed by us to precisely meet all the required and very specific demands.


Special requirements in the focus of CNC special-purpose machine development

A CNC machine in custom machine building is designed and constructed for special requirements of a workpiece, a material, or a specific industry. It can meet the requirements of highly individual, complex, or unique manufacturing processes. This enables our customers to push technological boundaries and optimize manufacturing processes that would not be feasible with standard machines.


CNC special-purpose machines can be optimized for processing specific materials such as composites or aluminum.

Here, adaptations are usually implemented in spindle technology, cooling systems, and tool holders. The spindle of a CNC machine is a central component that significantly influences the speed, precision, and type of material processing. When machining special materials, such as composites, higher speeds are often required. With aluminum, on the other hand, a good balance between speed and force is important to remove the material without deformation.

Cooling systems can range from simple coolant spray systems to more complex coolant circulation systems designed specifically for the respective material requirements. They ensure, for example, optimal heat dissipation and minimal tool wear.


Adaptation of control systems and software in CNC technology

Additionally, control systems and software of special-purpose machines can be specifically adapted or developed to realize special manufacturing processes or data acquisition requirements. For industries where time and precision are critical factors, we develop CNC milling machines that achieve faster machining times and higher accuracy standards.

New software solutions with the latest controls from Fanuc or Siemens Sinumerik One or NUM Flexium enable an improved user interface and optimally aligned machine control, which simplifies operation and increases productivity.



Integration of CNC special-purpose machines into automated production lines

In modern manufacturing, the integration of new CNC machines into larger production lines is crucial. In custom machine building, CNC special-purpose machines are specifically developed for this integration into existing automated production environments, including the connection to robotic systems and other machines.

This integration enables our customers to achieve seamless communication and increased efficiency within their production chain.

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