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High-precision and full-power –
CNC machines with 5-axis CNC control system for modelling materials

Modelling materials can be placed under great strain – this is particularly true of full shells of the kind that vehicles, ships or aircraft have. But a variety of small parts also have to withstand high requirements in model making. Lightweight and large models are normally made from PU foam sheets. Bonded board material with a higher strength is frequently used for small and medium-sized models.

Our CNC machining centres with a 5-axis control system from SIEMENS are high-precision machines which are designed specifically for use with these modelling materials and allow customised CNC milling.

Modellbauwerkstoffe für CNC Fräsmaschinen Modellbau von HG GRIMME SysTech

Milling models from polyurethane PUR rigid foam sheets

Models made from PUR rigid foam sheets have one major advantage: They have a homogeneous surface. Their optimum strength and low specific weight make them suitable for model making on any scale. With our CNC milling centres, even complex models can be reproduced accurately in every detail for series production. The modelling material can be machined with high feed rates so that the material removal proceeds quickly.

Our CNC milling machines can also produce very large or oversized milled models – as are required for instance for automobile designs or vehicle chassis. Examples of models milled in our CNC milling machines are industrial models, architectural models, prototypes, functional models, design models, original models and sophisticated automotive models made from PUR rigid foam sheets.

PUR rigid foam sheets are also often used in gauge construction, for example for producing lamination moulds, sheet metal forming and thermoforming moulds, foundry equipment, fixtures or even gauges for measuring devices.


CNC models made from MDF – milling medium-density fibreboard

Models made from MDF are particularly suitable for original moulds with a wooden framework design because they require almost no finishing after milling. Priming or painting is generally sufficient. MDF boards can be used, for example, to mill inexpensive formwork for pouring concrete. Simpler prototypes and measurement objects are frequently also milled from MDF.

Milling models made from polystyrene or light rigid foam, Styrodur and Ureol

CNC machining centres from HG GRIMME SysTech are suitable for all modelling materials – whether you want to mill polystyrene or produce milling models from Styrodur.

Our CNC machines for milling modelling materials

We can mill components ranging from small to oversized.

CNC Gantry Fräsmaschine für sehr große Bauteile

CNC machining centres for modelling materials – a selection

CNC Gantry Fräsmaschine für sehr große Bauteile CNC milling centres
Maximum level of detail for large components

Short positioning and travel times, optimally adapted feeds and excellent quality of surface finish.

5-Achs Fräsmaschine mit zwei Shuttletischen für Fräsbearbeitung von Alu, Kunststoffen, Verbundstoffen, Modellbau, Formenbau CNC milling centres
CNC milling centre with shuttle table

The CNC machine can be equipped with a range of options and is also designed for single operation.

CNC 5-Achs Fräsmaschine UNIVERSAL mit Rolltor für Kunststoffe Verbundstoffe Modellbauwerkstoffe Aluminium HG GRIMME SysTech CNC milling centres
CNC milling machine universal with gantry design

A universal powerhouse with a rapid traverse of 80 m/min. Tools can be changed at any time on the G-S-F/Universal.

Sondermaschinenbau und CNC Maschinen, CNC Fräsmaschinen und CNC Bearbeitungszentren aus Deutschland - HG GRIMME SysTech

Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!