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The CNC milling machine for serious model making, mould making and plastics processing

Gantry single milling machine/model making G-S-F/M

Model and mould making is constantly changing. Ever shorter product cycle times and an increasing variety of models are presenting great challenges for manufacturers on the international market. There is a particular demand for the production of single units and small batches of models and short cycle times with excellent results. With our 5-axis CNC milling centre, we have developed a CNC milling machine for you which is ideally suited to making models and moulds.

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5-axis CNC control system for a maximum level of detail

When we developed this gantry milling machine, we focused on delivering an absolute level of detail while performing milling on a model, in combination with highly dynamic acceleration values and a high part output in series production. This is achieved through laser-calibrated linear axes and measuring systems in the two C and A rotary axes, which are integrated directly into the gearbox outputs and guarantee a particularly high level of detail.

The Z axis of the CNC machining centre also operates with a direct measuring system to provide optimum contour accuracy. It also has weight compensation produced by compressed air that delivers maximum acceleration values. As well as these measuring systems, the 5-axis CNC control system of the CNC machine features stable clamping of the two rotary axes to achieve a high level of chip removal when processing plastics.

Our gantry milling machine for
CNC plastics processing – highly productive and supremely economical

This CNC machining centre allows user-specific machining cycles to be performed at any time. Short positioning and travel times, optimally adapted feeds and an excellent quality of surface finish make this CNC milling machine a particularly economical model that delivers maximum productivity. In addition, the costs of maintaining it are low because all the mechanical and electronic components are so compatible with one another that the machining centre is very low-maintenance.

Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!