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Electrical department and cable assembly –
it is the electrics that bring the CNC machine to life

To ensure that we can meet our own demand for maximum quality, we perform all electrical work on our CNC machining centres in our own factory. There are three phases before the CNC machine can operate: First of all, the control cabinet is constructed, then the CNC machine and the control desk are connected together by cable, and finally all the electrical equipment is combined and put into operation. We perform all steps in-house and independently.

Elektroinstallation Kabelkonfektion Schaltschrank für CNC Bearbeitungszentren alles im eigenen Werk

Cable assembly – we know every cable intimately

All the cables that are fitted in our CNC machines are assembled in-house. This enables us to cater for special requests or changes at short notice during the construction phase or the final acceptance of your CNC machining centre. Our electrical department knows every cable intimately and can trace cables or connect up new functions at any time if you have a special request.

The documentation of the cable runs and cable connections is also continuously updated on the circuit diagram to reflect new additions right up to the final acceptance stage. We thus ensure that our service team can respond quickly and purposefully if any maintenance is required.

All departments at HG GRIMME SysTech are interlinked and work together closely. For instance, our electrical design team regularly consults with the electrical department to identify possible improvements. Our decision-making pathways are short – which means your CNC machining centres are always state of the art.

The control cabinet – at the heart of our CNC machining centres

The circuit diagram for your CNC machining centre is created by our in-house electrical design team and implemented by our electrical department. Once the basic control cabinet has been delivered, we fit all the components and complete the wiring. In the case of a medium-sized CNC machine, the control cabinet will then contain roughly 300 m of wire.

Each of our electricians is responsible for their own CNC machine, connects the control cabinet to the CNC machining centre and will also be on site when it is finally installed in your business – all over the world. Each of our electricians is an expert in their field and can perform any tasks – from cable assembly through to installation of the complete machine.

The commissioning of the
CNC machining centre

When the CNC milling machine or one of our other CNC machining centres is commissioned, the cables are retracted into the axes of the CNC machining centre – including cooling hoses, lubrication hoses and pneumatic hoses. The terminal boxes and housings of the control desks, monitors and machine control panels are then wired up. The wiring is also specific to each customer and can be individually customised if required.

During this phase, the control cabinet is also installed and all the wires for providing the electrical supply to the motors for the axes, the signal analysis and control desks, external equipment such as vacuum pumps, cooling units, etc. are connected. Our departments are also closely linked together here.

Cooperation and experience is everything

Our electricians and fitters cooperate during any installation so that at least one electrician and one fitter is responsible for setting up your CNC machining centre. Once the CNC machine has been completed at HG GRIMME SysTech, it is then time for commissioning, together with the PLC programming. The CNC machining centre is now moving – your CNC machine is ready to operate.

Philipp Grimme Porträt von HG GRIMME SysTech

“If you add up all the cables in a medium-sized CNC machining centre, you will get to roughly 500 m for the full machine, and as much as 3500 m for a large machine. 

Our electronic engineers for automation technology, industrial electricians and our “cable wizard” Gabi are proud of every single CNC machining centre that is signed off. They have held every single cable in the machine in their hand. We in the electrical department also support our in-house service team with any electrical issues during a service. 

Anything can be made to work. We find the right solution for every customer. The challenge of meeting customer requirements gives us fresh motivation every single day.”

Philipp Grimme

Kabel werden in die Achsen des CNC-Bearbeitungszentrums eingezogen
Kabelschlepp mit gezogenen Kabeln an einer CNC Maschine von HG GRIMME SysTech

A rigorous check-up: Testing the CNC machining centre

Once the machine has been commissioned, the electrical inspection and the acceptance test for the programs take place by means of NC programming. This involves all the functions and safety equipment of the CNC machine being tested and approved. This is done by ten employees and three apprentices from our electrical department so that every commissioning process can proceed smoothly.

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Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!