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Milling on a large scale –
CNC machining centres in the transport and logistics industries

CNC machining centres from HG GRIMME SysTech are now an integral part of the transport and logistics industries. Our customers really value having the ability to mill, cut and water-jet quickly, precisely and on a large scale. Our CNC milling machines are used to manufacture the entire fronts of ICE trains – but our all-round equipment can also machine smaller individual parts. For each of our high-tech milling machines can be used in versatile ways for components of all different sizes.

CNC Fräsmaschinen für Verkehr und Logistikindustrie
Universal CNC Fräsmaschine für sperrige Bauteile, Großteile und massive Bauteile in der Verkehr und Logistik Industrie

CNC machines in a modular design with individual features

Our CNC machining centres can be configured specifically to suit your needs because they have a modular system and lots of additional options. This provides you with a CNC machining centres that is tailored specifically to the material you wish to process and will thus operate much more efficiently than would be the case with a standard CNC machine. Before we start developing your milling centre, we discuss the details with you to establish requirements such as the amount of space needed, the workpiece size and the properties of the material. We then work with our engineers and use our many different modules and options to configure a customised CNC machining centre that is perfect for your requirements.

CNC Maschinen für die Verkehr und Logistikindustrie von HG GRIMME SysTech

Application example: CNC milling centre for the fibreglass front of an ICE high-speed train made from CFRP and GFRP materials

Our HG 5-axis CNC portal tandem milling machine/model making P-T-F/M is used to mill all the required grooves into the component with the best possible milling speed and a perfect feed. The large-scale component is also cut completely to the contour – this gives it a perfect surface finish and it then does not require any more finishing.

The CNC milling centre operates in tandem – this means it has two tables which can be alternately fed with new components. While one component is being machined on the closed and secured table side, the finished milled component can be safely removed and a new component placed on the other table which has been moved out of the machine. As soon as the operator of the machine confirms it has been prepared, the equipped table moves back, the axes with the milling spindle move up to the workpiece and start milling the new component there.

CNC machines in the transport
and logistics industries –
your benefits at a glance

• Shuttle machining with two tables operating in tandem minimises unproductive loading times

• Large components can be machined alternately on the left or right without any downtime

• If tables are linked together, components measuring up to 2,500 x 5,000 x 1,000 mm can be machined on five sides

• Protection from GFRP and CFRP dusts thanks to an enclosed cabin

• To provide a high level of safety for the operators, it is possible to prepare the work tables alternately outside the CNC machining centre

Our CNC machining centres in the transport & logistics industries

Mit der Gantry-Single-Fräsanlage/Modellbau können sehr große Werkstücke bearbeitet werden. Die Verfahrwege in diesem Beispiel von ca. x 13900, y 3300 und z 1410 können auf das jeweilige Werkstück angepasst oder vergrößert werden. Gantry model making milling machine G-S-F/M
Model making, mould making and plastics processing

Short positioning and travel times, optimally adapted feeds and an excellent quality of surface finish.

5-Achs Fräsmaschine mit zwei Shuttletischen für Fräsbearbeitung von Alu, Kunststoffen, Verbundstoffen, Modellbau, Formenbau Gantry milling machines with shuttle table
Safe protection from dust and noise, easy to operate ergonomically

Ergonomic, safe, user-friendly – the CNC milling centre has an extremely stable steel frame and is suitable for milling plastics and composite materials.

CNC Fräsmaschine für Verkehr und Logistik bei HG GRIMME SysTech Portal milling machines
Portal milling machine in a single-table design or for tandem operation

To meet high productivity targets, the portal milling machine can be equipped with two work tables that can operate alternately.

Tiefziehmaschine eidos für Vakuum Thermoformen

For a complete operating process –
CNC milling and thermoforming from a single source

As well as CNC machines, HG GRIMME SysTech can also supply you with thermoforming machines for processing plastics. This allows you to cover the whole process of manufacturing plastic components – from thermoforming to milling.

Sondermaschinenbau und CNC Maschinen, CNC Fräsmaschinen und CNC Bearbeitungszentren aus Deutschland - HG GRIMME SysTech

Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!