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The ergonomic portal milling machine in a single-table design or for tandem operation during milling

HG 5-axis CNC portal single milling machine P-S-F
HG 5-axis CNC portal tandem milling machine P-T-F

With its high dynamics, the CNC portal milling machine delivers excellent surface quality with maximum precision. With minimal set-up times, high track and cutting speeds and optimum feed rates, this milling centre offers high-speed chip removal which makes CNC milling even more efficient.

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Grey cast iron for high rigidity and precision during milling

The basic structure of the machine is welded and includes vibration-reducing grey cast iron. This combination provides a high level of rigidity and high level of milling precision. The grey cast iron portal reduces oscillations and makes the CNC portal milling machine resistant to vibrations. All units are connected together by a floor cross beam. The CNC milling centre can also be fully enclosed by a safety cabin.

Portal milling machine which can alternate between single-table or tandem operation

To meet high productivity targets, the portal milling machine can be equipped with two work tables that can operate alternately. The CNC machine then operates in tandem. While milling is taking place on one table, the other one is available to be refilled outside the loading zone. The tandem tables can also be coupled together for machining large components.

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