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The efficient CNC rotary table milling machine
with two milling spindles and four rotary tables

Rotary table milling machine RT-F DUO

This CNC machining centre is never idle. The two milling spindles, two shuttle tables and four rotary tables double the output of parts. The rotary table milling machine has precise machine controllers and delivers outstanding milling results.

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Two shuttle table levels to produce double the number of parts

The CNC rotary table milling machine/duo machines two components simultaneously. This is made possible by two milling spindles on the first shuttle table level which is equipped with two synchronously operating rotary tables. While milling is taking place on the first level, the machine operator can already safely remove the finished components and resupply the CNC machine on the second shuttle table level.

Synchronous 5-axis CNC machining for maximum dynamic response

With its synchronous 5-axis machining, the CNC rotary table milling machine RT-F 1400/DUO is designed for the maximum dynamic response.

Thanks to the stable machine frame, the CNC machine can produce milling contours of the highest quality and you can achieve a very good finish. The milling machine is very user-friendly and is extremely easy to operate thanks to its moving control desk.

An excellent choice for small workpieces and components

Our CNC rotary table milling machine/duo is particularly well suited to milling small components. It can be used to quickly mill decorative panels, covers or bicycle helmets. And the CNC machining centre can also be used successfully to make smaller parts for the automotive and automotive supply industries – this also applies to small enterprises. Its compact design means the milling machine also does not take up much space.

A CNC rotary table milling machine for milling in record time

The CNC machine operates at a speed of up to 40 m/min and accelerates at up to 3.5 m/s2. The rotary axes of the four rotary tables can each be rotated 365°. In addition, the water-cooled double-shaft milling spindles enable the user to change tool quickly by rotating to the second shaft end. The milling machine also offers another benefit: Flexible production is guaranteed at all times because the CNC machine takes only two days to put into operation and can be swiftly moved around!

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Individual requests?

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