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The 6-axis CNC cutting and scoring machine

HG 6-axis CNC cutting machine G-S-K with a gantry design

Razor-sharp cuts, invisible break lines, exact spatial contours, precise weakening to residual wall thickness, perfect machining for safe airbags – whatever level of precision you need to achieve, this CNC cutting machine allows you to achieve absolute precision of the highest quality! Our HG 6-axis CNC gantry single blade cutting machine G-S-K effortlessly fulfils all the required quality standards, performs clean cuts and thus delivers exact spatial contours. Its impressive performance is based on the gantry design, which is particularly dynamic.

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A CNC blade cutting machine, adapted to suit your individual aspirations

As is the case with all CNC machining centres from HG GRIMME SysTech, for this blade cutting machine there are also extensive add-on packages which enable us to adapt the CNC cutting machine precisely to suit your requirements. For example, a divider panel can be fitted in the machining space to allow tandem operation. It is also possible to equip the blade cutting machine with a drag knife (fixed blade), an ultrasonic cutting unit or an oscillating cutting head.

From plastics processing to leather milling

This cutting machine is multitalented and allows you to cut workpieces quickly and precisely. It is even possible to cut leather exactly when making airbags without any problems – this is because this CNC blade cutting machine guarantees absolute precision of up to 30 μm!

6-axis CNC machining centre for high-precision scoring

This cutting machine is multitalented and allows you to cut workpieces quickly and precisely. The 6 axes of this CNC cutting machine allow you to carry out sophisticated work on three-dimensional workpieces precisely and economically. Their manufacturing precision is particularly impressive when it comes to scoring in the automotive supply industry. Scoring involves introducing predefined airbag tear lines to components inside vehicles – such as dashboards (3D) and decorative cover materials (2D) – by using a blade to cut a line into what is known as the slush skin (e.g. a PVC slush skin). With this process, absolute precision during cutting is particularly crucial – because this is the only way to produce defined break points which guarantee that the airbag works perfectly in an emergency and at the same time remain invisible when the vehicle is operating as normal.

Even greater security during CNC blade cutting

To guarantee a consistently secure machining process when performing cutting, our CNC cutting machine uses a 3D measuring probe system with scaling software. The system constantly calibrates and checks the position of the jig to ensure that the workpiece is always in the same position on the jig. The high-resolution camera measuring system which is also fitted detects the target/actual geometry, any wear on the blade and any contamination to ensure a reliable process. The CNC machine is also fitted with a safety cabin which protects the operator.


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Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!