Big hit with users for milling models
and machining aluminium

5-axis CNC model making milling machine G-S-F/MK

HG GRIMME SysTech has achieved astonishing success with the newly developed 5-axis model making milling machine G-S-F/MK. The machine symbolises the progress that has been made in aluminium machining and finishing of the workpiece. What is more, it underscores the company’s philosophy of “TECHNOLOGY is our passion – we develop innovative, customer-specific solutions”.

Werkzeugwechsel am Klappenmagazin, der 5-achs CNC Modellbaufräsanlage G-S-F/MK, Frässpindel im Gabelkopf, Stabilität beim Fräsen

Modelling materials and aluminium machining

The ingenious system of the CNC machining centre for model making with a compact design is perfect for machining materials such as aluminium, plastics or composite materials. The mono design also makes the machine easy to transport and put into operation.

Safe machining

When lots of different users from an array of sectors such as automotive suppliers and users from the aerospace industry are all unanimous in praising the reliability and the results produced by this machine, the manufacturer must have done something very special. For HG GRIMME SysTech from Wiedergeltingen, the advanced 5-axis model making milling machine G-S-F/MK is one such surprise hit.


Innovative and creative: Managing Director Wolfgang Grimme and his design and assembly team held numerous “how-to-do-it” meetings. The main focus was on making improvements to the practical application and offering an upgrade by providing more options. One of them was that larger machine dimensions mean an increase of 600 mm in the 2D machining space to 2,900 x 1,800 x 960 mm and the 3D cube dimension to 2,100 x 1,000 x 800 mm.

Alu fräsen und Alu bearbeiten mit einer CNC Fräsmaschine für Aluminium Nutentisch

Optimisation: 5-axis clevis, shorter cycle times

Optimisations were also made to the technical equipment. The compact 5-axis clevis allows high-precision, three-dimensional processing when machining aluminium. Together with the water-cooled and backlash-free “Galaxie ®” drive, this means that even more precise milling cycles and, thanks to faster acceleration rates, shorter cycle times can be achieved. The drive package has been optimised for a rapid traverse of 60 m/min and acceleration of 4.0 m/s2. In addition, an optimised dynamic response has been achieved by making weight savings in the clevis.

A swivel-mounted display with a high-resolution graphics monitor controls the machine via the CNC Siemens Sinumerik 840D/SL control system and makes it compatible with all CAD/CAM programs. A portable HT8 handheld terminal is added for starting programs.

No compromises on milling results

HG GRIMME does not compromise in delivering milling results with the perfect cut and shape when machining aluminium. With tool measurement, the milling cutters are checked for the correct tool length and breakage control. If incorrect data is entered in a program, there are coding plugs implemented in the shuttle table which confirm detection of the milling cutter holder and the correct program or activate the valves of the milling cutter holder. These options give the operator a huge amount of operational safety and protect the company from unnecessary breakdown costs.

CNC machine MK – optimum features

Every aspect has been considered with the new model making machine. Need an example? In the case of pneumatic clamping, the clamping of the milling cutter holder is activated via vacuum distributor strips and negative pressure. A programmed prompt in the different machining zones among other things ensures that the holder is easily placed in the correct position.

The solid T-slot table with a grid of 200 mm is a new development which offers easy access and the greatest possible flexibility. Furthermore, customers can choose between one or two tool changer magazines (12 or 24 tool holders) of the HSK-F63 type.

HG GRIMME MK CNC Bearbeitungszentrum Aluminium Zerspanung Spänewanne

“We also want to enable people to work in a dust-free, protected environment. This is why a translucent retractable roof has been integrated into the machine system, which is otherwise enclosed. By fitting bellows systems in all linear axes, the susceptibility to dirt has also been hugely reduced. In addition, enclosed cable chains now also guarantee greater protection for the power supplies. 

When you add up all the new features and innovations, the G-S-F/MK is undoubtedly a CNC machining centre that sets the benchmark in its class.”

Phillipp Grimme | Sales Director

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Individual requests?

Do you have specific requirements and require a CNC machining centre that is specifically tailored to meet your demands? Then please contact us directly – we will be happy to advise you!