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The highly efficient 5-axis CNC rotary table
milling machine for small workpieces
1000 x 800 x 400 mm – 3D milling

CNC 5-axis rotary table milling machine RT-F 1400

The 5-axis CNC machining centre with a rotary table is our solution for the efficient milling of small workpieces. The CNC machine RT-F 1400 is suitable both for supporting small enterprises, and for production in businesses which deliver a high level of productivity with huge quantities every single day. It enables small workpieces to be milled precisely with a high part output. The rotary table of the CNC machine performs the C axis movement, which makes the milling of the workpiece more dynamic and produces excellent results when it comes to component accuracy. The workpieces are completely machined with a clamping assembly, which means that cycle times can effectively be minimised. In addition, thanks to minimal traverse movements, the production processes boast maximum efficiency. Our CNC rotary table milling machine gives you flexibility in production – because the machining centre can be put into operation just one to two days after it is delivered and be quickly rearranged at any time.

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CNC milling machine in compact design also for small premises

Our CNC rotary table milling machine RT-F 1400 is designed to be extremely torsionally rigid and its compact design means it can even fit in small premises. It is particularly suitable for milling smaller components such as decorative panels, covers or bicycle helmets. The rotary table milling machine is used for milling in a wide range of different industries. Examples of where it is used successfully are the automotive and automotive supply industries, the leisure industry and also for supporting small businesses. The milling machine has an integrated, swivel-mounted control panel and can be equipped with a roof to provide the very best protection from dust and noise. Its enclosed design with a standard protective cabin and two side doors which can be moved manually ensure that chips always remain within the cabin.

5-axis milling machine with rapid change of tools and double-sided milling spindle

One of the top performers on the CNC rotary table milling machine is the water-cooled double-shaft milling spindle, a standard milling spindle with two shaft ends which can accommodate one milling tool on each side. To change the tool, the milling spindle rotates to the other shaft end and the second milling tool is deployed. The CNC machining centre can additionally be equipped with a dustproof tool changer that can accommodate a total of twelve milling cutters.

Individual requests?

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