Larger production lines with
CNC machine from HG GRIMME SysTech

ASGLAFORM composites GmbH increases vertical range of manufacture

After investing in a 2,500-ton press with state-of-the-art furnace technology for the production of components made of fiber-reinforced plastics in 2019, ASGLAFORM composites GmbH is now commissioning a CNC milling system from HG GRIMME SysTech for further component processing.

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“In addition to engineering, such as component, tool and fixture design, we can now add the manufacturing step of CNC machining to press part production and optical component measurement. Thus, it is now possible for us to map the complete process chain in-house.”

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Weidhaas Production Manager

Flexible assembly and precise 3D machining enables fast manufacturing

Composite parts such as spare wheel wells, underbody panels and battery carriers are produced by ASGLAFORM composites GmbH in Hilbersdorf on a modern press line. Now, the production has been supplemented by a precise and dynamic 6-axis machining center from HG GRIMME SysTech for subsequent processing. “This allows us to significantly expand our portfolio,” notes Thomas Weidhaas, the production manager for fiber-reinforced plastics.

The special feature: The clamping tables of the CNC machine from HG Grimme SysTech can be used individually or coupled. “This allows us to machine workpieces up to a size of 2,450 x 2,000 x 600 mm with coupled tables. With uncoupled tables, half of the machining space is available to us. While the components are being milled on one table, the worker can remove them on the second table and clamp new ones. This allows us to produce much more effectively and cost-efficiently,” explains Weidhaas.

Thanks to the traveling tool change magazine, a quick tool change is no problem. The system’s very compact milling head makes 3D machining of even geometrically complex components possible. In addition to the linear travel paths, the milling machine has a rotary axis with a max. rotation angle of 540°. In addition, it can swivel +/- 110° via a further axis.

About ASGLAFORM composites GmbH

ASGLAFORM composites GmbH is a subsidiary of ASGLAWO technofibre® GmbH. It is a producer and engineering service provider in the field of manufacturing components and processing materials made of fiber-reinforced plastics. With the latest technology and the necessary know-how in the development and processing of materials, ASGLAFORM composites GmbH acts as a strong partner for the development of new products, the production of prototypes or is also available as an extended workbench for the manufacture of your products with its comprehensive machinery.

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